America Lab

It is a private company located in Consultorios America, which began its career in 1986 at the Centro Médico America located in Via Porras with Via España, offering its services to a large number of doctors and private patients.

The experience gained in these facilities opens the doors to participate during the period 1994-2001, within the Hospital America Clinic providing specialized and general services of clinical laboratory analysis and Blood Bank.

It is a private laboratory dedicated to conducting clinical analyzes; creating loyalty in their clients through excellent care, prompt response and reliability in their results. The quality of its products supports the doctor in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the patient, and gives companies an effective tool in the selection of their new hires.

Currently it maintains its main facilities in Consultorios America serving the needs of more than 150 doctors of different specialties, private patients, insurance companies and private companies. It began operations at its second branch in Albrook to provide residents of this important area with access to an excellent clinical laboratory analysis service.

It has guided its professional experience to services to private companies of national and international trajectory and has been characterized by the use of high technology equipment, excellent quality controls and a human resource with high credits and proven experience that remains at the forefront of the latest techniques to provide an efficient service with excellent quality.

It provides health services that include blood extraction and subsequent laboratory tests such as hematology, coagulation, chemistry, serology, special chemistry, bacteriology, urine and parasitology under a strict internal and external quality control system.

AMERICA LAB AMERICA LAB is committed to providing an analysis service with a high level of quality and professionalism, looking for continuous improvement through controlled processes.

It is focused on:

  • Results of reproducible and accurate clinical analysis.
  • Reliability and confidentiality of results.
  • Agile, cordial and professional ethics.
  • Highly qualified and updated staff.
  • Last generation technology.
  • Creating a safe environment for our employees and customers.

Our Vision

To lead in the field of private clinical laboratories nationally and internationally, with the highest standards of quality and technologies.

Our Mission

We are a private laboratory dedicated to conducting clinical analyzes; we create loyalty in our clients through excellent care, prompt response and reliability in our results. The quality of our results supports the physician in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the patient, and gives companies an effective tool in the selection of their human capital.



Our company is distinguished by honesty in the performance of each of its activities, we are guided by the sincerity and consistency of our actions within a framework of frankness and transparency, both with the organization and with itself; always trying to proceed with honesty and integrity in our daily activities, seeking to be an example for others.


We have a qualified Human Resource and with equipment of laboratories that fulfill the highest standards of quality; that is why our customers can feel confident about our results.


We sustain and permanently promote cordial, respectful and harmonious human relationships with clients, suppliers, bosses, collaborators and co-workers. Respect is one of the values ​​that distinguishes us and is indispensable for the achievement of new objectives.


For us it is essential to fulfill our commitments and challenges of daily work, imprinting on it all our knowledge and personal skills, as well as the fulfillment of the functions. We commit ourselves to society, at the service of others, so we assume and acknowledge the consequences of our actions.


Our clients can feel confident that the personal information that is handled in our company is highly confidential, and that under no circumstances will it be disclosed.


A positive attitude, friendly service and willingness to attend and help our clients, is a fundamental characteristic of our staff, making our customers feel comfortable once they arrive at our facilities.